Message from the President of the Urban Renewal Association of Japan

Cities are home to many people and a source of economic vitality. Urban renewal, which can produce huge ripple effects, is called for to create urban areas of good quality and reinvigorate city centers. Urban renewal is essential to promote the creation of cities where people can live safely and comfortably, to make cities more attractive, and to stimulate their economic growth. In some provincial areas, in particular, the hollowing out of city centers?the decrease in population and commercial activities?poses serious problems. Quick action has to be taken.

In recent years, the situation affecting urban development has been greatly changing in Japan mainly because of its economic and social maturity, its rapidly declining birthrate and aging population, the need to address global environmental problems, and people’s increased awareness of landscape. In response to these changes, cities need to transform their structure into a compact form that enables the center to draw people and commercial and other activities. They also need to create a good and comfortable urban environment. Moreover, comprehensive approaches are necessary to deal with wide ranging issues in both tangible and intangible ways, with a view to encouraging people to live in city centers and reinvigorating communities.

The Urban Renewal Association of Japan aims to help resolve the issues involved in urban development. In the areas of urban renewal, the promotion of dwelling in city centers, and downtown revitalization, we conduct research, provide information, and support projects. All of us work actively and enthusiastically for this purpose. We would like to ask for your support and cooperation.

Tadashi Okamura President The Urban Renewal Association of Japan

About Us

The Urban Renewal Association of Japan was established in 1969 as a public-service corporation, based on the Urban Renewal Law. We aim to contribute to improving public welfare. In such areas as urban renewal, improvement of the environment of residential areas, improvement of densely populated urban areas, facilitation of rebuilding condominiums, reinforcement of the residential function of city centers (collectively “urban renewal and other projects”), we conduct comprehensive research and studies and promote projects.

In addition to these activities, we seek ways to remove institutional and financial obstacles to urban renewal and other projects, promote the streamlining of project planning and execution, disseminate and raise awareness of projects, and provide loan guarantee for such programs as urban renewal and rebuilding of condominiums. We finance such programs as housing development from the Fund for Increasing the Residential Population of City Centers. We hold various workshops, seminars, and meetings and organize field trips. Other major activities are to collect, compile, and provide information about urban renewal in Japan and foreign countries and to publish books and journals.

The association has a membership of 547, consisting of 266 regular members, 3 special supporting members, and 278 supporting members.

In the fields, including

  • Urban renewal
  • Improvement of the environment of residential areas
  • Improvement of densely populated urban areas
  • Reinvigoration of city centers
  • Promotion of dwelling in city centers
  • Renovation and rebuilding of condominiums

1.Promoting, disseminating, and raising awareness of projects and providing information

  • Holding conventions to promote urban renewal projects and awarding organizations and individuals that made outstanding contributions
  • Holding workshops and seminars and organizing field trips
  • Publishing books and periodicals
  • Providing consultation on urban renewal and promoting the system for commissioning the private sector to carry out urban renewal projects
  • Registering consultants on a database system called URRIS (Urban Renewal and Urban Housing Improvement Records Information Service)
  • Holding meetings to exchange information on the management of redeveloped buildings

2.Financial support

  • Loan guarantee from the Fund for Promoting Urban Renewal by the Private Sector
  • Financing from the Fund for Increasing the Residential Population of City Centers

3.Research and studies

  • Own research
  • Commissioned research

Organization Chart

Organization Chart



Budget (For fiscal 2010)

(Unit: million yen)

General account 522
Special account:
Fund for Promoting Urban Renewal by the Private Sector
Special account:
Fund for Increasing the Residential Population of City Centers
Total 8,699

Board Members

27 directors and 2 auditors (as of May 26, 2010)

President Tadashi Okamura Chairman, The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Vice-President Shigeru Ito Professor, Waseda University
Shigeo Kondo President, City Planning Association of Japan
Tsutomu Shimazaki President, Center for Housing Renovation and Dispute Settlement Support
Administrative Director Yoshio Kido Full-time executive
Director Hiromichi Iwasa President, The Real Estate Companies Association of Japan
Keigo Iwata Chairman, Council for Sapporo Urban Redevelopment Promotion
Hiroshi Uemura President, Cooperative for Urban Renewal of Takamatsu Marugamemachi Shopping Street District G
Fumio Omura Representative director&Vice-President, New capital city life Co., Ltd..
Tomiyoshi Ogawa Executive Director, Urban Renaissance Agency
Ken Kanada Chief, Building charge bureau ,Construction Department, Aichi Prefecture
Hitoshi Kawashima The top-level civil service technocrat & Director-General, Bureau of Urban Development, The Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Yoshitaka Kawabe President, Cooperative for Urban Renewal of Futago Tamagawa East Block
Yoshiharu Shoji Manager, Urban Architecture Department,Fukuoka Prefecture
Kohei Suzuki President, Toyota City Urban Maintenance Public Corporation
Jotaro Takagi President, Japan Building Owners and Managers Association
Keiri Toda President, Tokyo Metropolitan Center for Community Development and Disaster Resistant Architecture
Haruhisa Toda President、Osaka Prefectural Housing Corporation
Michihiro Nakagawa Chief, City Bureau , Hiroshima Prefecture
Tetsuya Nomura Chairman, The Japan Federation of Construction Contractors
Hisao Hosono Chairman, Council for Kawaguchi Urban Redevelopment Promotion
Yukio Matsuura President, Takasaki City Urban Development Corporation
Yasumasa Matsunaga President, Cooperative for Urban Renewal of Shizuoka Ekimae Konyamachi District
Toshio Motoi Chief, Community Planning Bureau, Department of Land Development, Hyogo Prefecture
Tamio Mori President, The Japan Association of City Mayors
Hirondo Yamada Chief, Housing Bureau, Construction Department, Hokkaido
Yoshihide Watanabe President, Cooperative for Urban Renewal of Higashi-Gotanda 2-chome District 2
Auditor Yasuyuki Inoue President, Cooperative for Kita-Shinagawa 5-chome District 1 Urban Renewal Preparation
Tsuyoshi Ebisu Executive Director, National Federation of Housing Supply Corporations